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Your business technologists. Powering progress Factsheet Label PrintCockpitCost-optimized implementation of Product Safety requirements with Atos REACh & GHS Solutions Similar to REACh, the GHS legal ordinance stipulates extensive communications duties in the supply chain. Next to the successive safety data sheet recreation, an increased attention on delivery and production safety is required, as the impact on neighbouring legal areas like transportation, dangerous goods, hazardous incidents or safety at work is multifaceted. GHS affects all activities related to handling, storage and transfer of chemicals. The implementation of GHS and REACh is elaborate and closely re- lated – an effort, which is almost unbearable with the present resources for many companies. The risk of non-compliance increases and may lead to considerable consequences: Delays in Product Launches Image Loss Grave Fines and Penalties Dissatisfied Customers The GHS legal ordinance is, following the REACh legislation, the second largest undertaking of the European Union in its chemicals policy. Since many decades, producers and traders of chemicals are facing the problem of diverse rules for the classification and labeling of chemicals in different countries and international trans- port regulations, causing high workload and cost for the companies. With the GHS legal ordinance, the globally agreed UN-System for chemicals classifica- tion and labeling is put into force, replacing the current system. All substances must be classified and labeled accordingly since December 1st 2010, preparations (com- pounds) until June 15th 2015. With the LabelPrintCockpit, Atos offers together with its partner ebsoft a flexible, consistent, reliable and fast SAP-based solu- tion, allowing you to comply with the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classifica- tion and Labeling of Chemicals) require- ments. REACh: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals EH&S: Environment Health & Safety