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European Coatings Show

The following linked documents contain further information about our products at the European Coatings Show:


  1. Web-based ebsoft labelling system: Single-user, upgradeable to global labelling marking system.
  2. Example: Online label print with SAP by using the ChemGes GHS management-system (including some available ports to other existing ERP and GHS systems).
  3. Example: Labour system (worldwide use by the internet), can also be used by intranet.
  4. Example: Online label printing shown at a manufacture. Using drums from 5 litre up to 30 litre.

  5. Pre-configured SAP online printing solution with an integrated ebsoft print server by ATOS: "ATOS LabelPrintCockPit".

  6. Video: ebsoft labelling system, ATOS LabelPrintCockPit.

  7. Labels: Fitting to the requirements of the chemical industry - British standard certification for Ink-jet printers, Laser printers and thermotransfer printers.

  8. Ebsoft recommends following printers for British standard certificated label prints:
    a) Lexmark: Fast printing A4 colour laser printer for following size: A6 – Legal 14''.
    b) Epson: Ink-jet printer for small and medium-sized labels used in laboratory. Recommended for about 12.000 label prints per month.
    c) Kiaro: Ink-jet printer for following label size: 102 mm < width < 220 mm.
    d) Microplex: 2 colour thermotransfer printer - LogiJET TC8

  9. The listed labels were printed by the ebsoft label printing system and were created by the integrated layout editor.