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Labels and colour printer

Cost reduction by combined labels and colour printer

Marking with individual labels Identification with combination label
Kennzeichnung mit einzelnen Etiketten Kennzeichnung mit Kombi-Etikett

The following operations are required:

management, storage, of many label types
• 4 types of labels and provide plan
4 x print labels
4 x sorting for Labeling
4 x stick labels
4 x control pasting

The following operations are required:

Management of a neutral ground-label
1 x schedule label type and provide
1 x printed label (double speed)
1 x paste labels
1 x control label

Additional costs for administration of 4 different templates provide
• Extra costs for main pressure (plate costs, etc. color imprint
• Extra costs for Gefahrgutbezettelung, depending on size, material and order quantity> 0.05 / piece
consuming handling during the labeling
Cost advantage: Variable printing costs (toner costs) per 1 label in the A4 - Format € 0.01

Low administrative costs
No cost for cliché, no extra costs for color printing
No cost for Gefahrgutbezettelung
Low handling during the labeling
• Disadvantage: Variable printing costs (toner costs in color) per label in A4 format € 0.05

Here you get more information on the use of color printers with ebsoft ® and Triumph-Adler as PDF File.