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We provide identification and bar code systems to optimize logistics processes in the receiving, production, storage and shipping.

There are in different industries such as for example Automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, electrical & used electronics, engineering and commerce.

They reduce the increasing labeling costs and additional security labeling.


GHS/CLP-Labelsystem & 2-color-GHS/CLP-Printer

ebsoft ® provides all necessary components, such as consulting, software, laser and thermal transfer printers, direct printing systems, barcode readers, special labels, tailored to meet individual requirements, as well as toner and ribbons.

The web-based ebsoft® label software is easily to the organizational procedures of the user to adjust and integrate into existing IT environments over standard interfaces.

To transfer data from ERP systems, storage systems and other systems involved in the logistics process, a number of interfaces is provided

In addition, the ebsoft ® marking system is providedas a Web service on the Internet is. This can immediately using a browser, all the labels are generated and printed.

ebsoft ® supports marking projects from planning to implementation, installation, training and maintenance.

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