GHS/CLP labeling

Ebsoft supports GHS/CLP:

Ebsoft and its powerful cooperation partners deliver all the components required for optimal and cost-effective labeling of chemical products. The printed labels are also automatically certified to British Standard BS 5609 Section 3.

Here are some GHS sample labels created with the ebsoft system.

Ebsoft delivers an immediately deployable preconfigured web-based label system, which can be used on the intranet and on the Internet, for an introductory price from 9.800,- € consisting of:

Internal SQL database with the following data (Unicode):

  • All required symbols for hazardous substances for GHS and old EU hazardous substances legislation
  • All required dangerous goods symbols Pictograms and processing marks for substances subject to mandatory labeling in over 30 languages, with classification requirements (GHS and old EU hazardous substances legislation)
  • UN numbers with technical description (Proper Shipping Name), as well as assignment to the dangerous goods symbols (main side danger),
  • R-phrases, S-phrases, H-phrases, P-phrases in more than 30 languages
  • In addition, an article and customer file is provided, which can be used individually by the user

Included is the web-based ebsoft labeling program used in many chemical companies. This allows you to generate and print any required product, hazardous substance, shipping logistics barcode labels in any size.

For the container contents <0.2 liter, 0.2-3 liter, 3-50 liter, 50-500 liter,> 500 liter are:

  • Standard layouts for hazardous substances subject to labeling (previous EU labeling and GHS labeling)
  • Layouts for dangerous goods labeling
  • Layouts for product labels
  • Layouts for combination labels

provided. You can immediately create and print all required labels.

To exchange data with ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, Kisters, Dibac, Excel, Access, scales, PLCs, automatic dispensers, avalanche transceivers, etc., a large number of interfaces are provided.

With the cooperation partners of ebsoft, the components are coordinated so that
that a trouble-free, safe and cost-effective labeling is guaranteed.